Susan Oliver Nelson is the author of Trips of Daisy: a journey through a thousand days of deployment and The Corporate Blue Collar Employee Handbook.

She is the co-founder of Outside the Gate, an online community of local small businesses (many veteran owned) that are located outside the gates of military installations all over the U.S. and other territories. 

She is the founder of Write Sites Right, a non-profit organization that creates SEO content for veteran owned business websites- at no charge to veterans. 

She is a SEO freelancer, social media marketer, writer and editor. Her clients include Al Serra Chevrolet, business consultant Michelle Vandepas, philosopher and author James Olson and Andrew Wommack Ministries. 

She received her bachelor's degrees from University of Dallas in Consumer Finance and Saint Leo University in English. 


Susan Oliver Nelson


RETREAT to REVEILLE: Bush Wars, Obama Scars,

A Military Transition Series

This book captures, and expands on the life of a military family who struggle through deployments, sequestration, political fallout and medical discharge.


Their journey takes place over a 14-year military career from 2003-2017, during three deployments, six change of duty stations, two highly-criticized presidential terms, and through murder, suicide and the mental and physical affects of war. 

The story simultaneously reveals days in the lives of an Army medic/nurse, a milspouse reporter, and the mainstream media headlines that influence the world in which they must live.