Varena DeCuir, the Healing Practitioner & the Healer's Healer 

Today Varena DeCuir is a Birthright Healer who has performed the healing arts since she was a child. Varene's world-renowned provate healings and workshops are available in 17 countries and 47 states in the USA. Check out a re-designed site.  DISCOVER >>

Research on How to Make Yourself Bulletproof from Lawsuits and Judgments

According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics there are over one million lawsuits and judgments filed every year in the US, making America the most litigious country in the world. In fact, with just 4.4% of the world's population, the US has 96% of the world's lawsuits.  READ MORE >>

Busting the Myth! Do What You Love and The Money Will Follow....?


Some of my favorite SEO and social media marketing projects.

Specialties from the business

Colorado Springs New Chevy and Used Car Dealership includes an excellent selection of high-quality GM Certified Pre-Owned cars, trucks and SUVs. We offer auto service and repairs on all makes and models. Quick-lube oil changes. Complete General Motors and Chevrolet parts and accessories.  READ MORE >>

BREAKING: Monger Kennels LLC Colorado Springs Pet & Breeding Services

Quality AKC German Shepherd puppies for sale! Monger Kennels is a locally owned, family operated business. Check out their new site. DISCOVER>>


Social Media Marketing

Philosopher and author James Olson, social media marketing book campaign,

How #WholeBrainThinking Can Save the Future.